Monday, May 26, 2014

It is with a combination of sadness and pleasure that we announce the 'Retirement' of the USS Tsunami Star Trek Fan Club.  This move has become necessary because of age, moving, and time constraints of the club members.  Our crew will remain active in other groups of their choosing here in Utah and none of us have had our love for Star Trek diminished in any way.

So as a result of this decision as of June 14, 2014 the Tsunami will be changed to a Web Only club. 

Our Blog site will remain   and we encourage you and all your crew to go to the site and follow us.  We will be posting fan stories, Star Trek fun, local convention reports, art and much more.  We will be looking for contributions and stories which can be sent to our email .  

We will also be working with the "USS Entrollprise" which is a fun 'ship' created by our XO.  It involves Trolls..will add content from time to time.  Further information will be available on a later date.  In the meantime we (okay he) asks you to visit his FB page on the environment.  So please search  "  Centroll Environmentroll Controll "  (are you sensing a pattern here??  Yes Martin is half Norwegian and likes trolls..go figure).  He would appreciate any LIKE s he can get so if you can and will have your crew members visit that FB page and maybe even give it a LIKE.  

So that is a lot to as.  We have had a run of over 15 years and we hope to still have some fun on the internet.  So visit our blog and watch for some more fun stuff...  and above all KEEP IN CONTACT and we will all continue to 


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Comment on this post if you want to join in ..

Sunday, October 14, 2012

This is so very fun I had to post it immedialy for all of you to see.  I do not think we will be going and it is LDS conference weeked but we should plan something..........let's get our minds together and see what we can do for our meeting the following week!!

Wil Ross
We are contacting you with information about an event that we are organising in the UK in April 2013 and the wider impact this is going to have for Star Trek fans across the World. We are the USS Fortitude and are an active Star Trek group here in the UK.

We are aware that next year will be the 50th Pre-Anniversary of First Contact Day: 5 April 2063. We are organising a national event inviting Star Trek fans across the UK and beyond to join us at the UK’s National Space Centre on Saturday 6th April 2013 to celebrate this unique anniversary. There is no charge for people to attend, there will be an area where Trek ships and groups can have a table advertising their group, events and charities they support, and also a dealers area – in addition to the fantastic exhibitions that the Space Centre offers. The aims of the day are to have fun, renew existing friendships and most importantly provide an opportunity to make First Contact with the many lone Trek fans out there and welcome them to the amazing Trek community we have here in the UK.

We have a second aim – and it is for this reason we have contacted Starfleet International and why we are contacting you. We want to inspire and encourage Trek fans in every community and country across the World to unite in celebration of First Contact Day. Starfleet International will be contacting the SFI Chapters about this forthcoming Anniversary so look out for their announcement scheduled for the near future.
We all have extended connections to Trek fans globally and we want to make the 50th Pre-Anniversary of First Contact Day an event to remember, and really bring Star Trek to the attention of the World. To that end we are inviting Trek ships and groups across the World to join in and support our idea, to help take this to the four corners of the World and to encourage Star Trek fans everywhere to organise events on all continents and to come together in the spirit of First Contact. We know that organising events takes time – and the reason we are contacting you now.

Thanks for your time

Wil Ross

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lets Get Active!!

I am hoping I can get the entire crew active and involved in this blog... It is a great chance for a wevb presence and as near as I can tell only a few people follow it so I am inviting you all to follow this and hopefully we will have some fun with it until we can get a larger more permanent web site.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Martin's thoughts and a few wise comments about them

There has been discussion on the types of guests we should have, what direction ConDuit should go and lots of stuff and I want to throw my two krona in for what it is worth..

I come to ConDuit for the people I get to associate with, the other fans. I come to rub shoulders with people who are talented, intelligent and share a common interest. And what is more fun is they/you all 'let me be with you'. (evenastheweirdunclekeptinthebasementwhichisbetterthanthecleancopperclapperskeptinthecloset)

The Guests are just an added bonus. My take on media guests (or any other guest) is that they are fine. In my life time I have met many 'stars' thanks, in part, to having a father in the media/television industry. Some have been great, some have been almost stand offish to the nth degree, and many are inbetween, so I am rarely 'star struck' in that venue. Where I am in awe, frequently, is of some of the writers who have been able to create literature that entertains, teaches and more (and like the media guests they also had good and not so good relations with fans) and I look forward to meeting them even though, in some cases, I have never read any of their works. But to be absolutely honest I think I would still come to ConDuit even if there were no guests and it was just a gathering of fans come together to share their interests, their favs and their love of the various genre we share. I think that is the root of fandom and I think this is what should unite us all.

There may come a year when we cannot afford any guest of honor's air fare, perdium, gift bucket or whatever. and everyone would have to come on their own dime to join in...if that ever becomes the case then I still think we could have a great convention given all the talent in every ilk that we have. I do not think we have to be 'selfish' (and that might not be the best word for what I mean) in trying to get one genre or guest type or something else into ConDuit. But I do think we should continue to encourage and work for a greater variety and broader spectrum for ConDuit as we have started to do. We all have to be patient, it has taken 20 plus years to get this far and the good, bad and ugly we have had to this point is in the past. We cannot change that but what we can do is build and share and compromise and be, above all, fans!

Like I said, I gather with fans, I wish I could go to all the picnics, club meetings and other events/conventions out there but time and family and finances and reality frequently get in the way but to me ConDuit is or can be one BIG celebration of us being who and what we are, FANS.

I ask everyone who reads this all the way to this point (and those who got bored 200 words or so ago) to simply unite.. give what we can, take/enjoy what is available and be, above all, fans and friends. If we do this we can enjoy all the new mantras, directions, GOH types, panels, etc. etc. we have been and will be discussing. Look for the positive..or to paraphrase Og Mandino, if we have to "Dig for reasons to applaud rather than scratch for reasons to condemn/disagree." Do not loose site of the fact we are all Fans!

I want to conclude by saying a BIG THANK YOU to all who have served ConDuit (and all of Utah fandom) in the past (and I include those who have tried, those who have succeeded and those who failed) because they got involved. The ONLY things that make failure certain are apathy and not getting involved to the highest degree on can (and these are often the two sides of the same coin). So again.. Thanks to all who have worked and to all those who will work. Let's get excited..let's DO!

Happy Independence Day Celebrations to you all!

[Debbie is giving a standing ovation]

Perfect summary, Martin. In the years that I have come to CONduit, the only GOH I had ever heard of was Dave Farland. And only him because I met him the first year I attended and didn’t know enough to be flattered when he spent a few minutes talking personally to me about not feeling out of place because I didn’t know who anyone was.

I’ve kept coming because I had fun. It’s cool to have the guests and I enjoy the excitement others get from them, but give me Lee, and Dave (all of them) and Brian (all of them) and Brandon (all of them) and Jaleta and Julia (all of them) and I’ll still have just as much fun as if it were Erin or Patrick or Adam Big Star.

I absolutely agree with you that coming to a convention of any kind is 80%, or more, about the connections you make with people. Looking at the many conventions that are out there, the biggest thing you see with many of them is the awesome costumes, or hear about the great fan run content. However when I think of going to a convention I think of the opportunities that I won't get on a daily basis, I think your perspective has the same roots, but a different outcome. You crave the fellowship of other fans that you don't get frequently. From my perspective being in a large group of fan clubs, that's something available for us often and for free, while for us to individually seek out any kind of "star" (really, I don't think I've seen a lot of calls for people in the credits every week, just someone who had anything to do with the media) would be a near impossible undertaking. I know one of my favorite memories was being in uniform and taking an elevator up with Admiral Paris (Richard Herd). He is an older fellow and a bit aloof from what we gathered, but when the half dozen of us saluted without pause he couldn't help but laugh to himself. To me, if I'm going to spend $10, $20, $50 or whatever then I want something more than I can get from the internet and something more than I can get on a regular basis by being a member of a great club. Same origin, I believe we agree, but the result is different. It looks like you will love CONduit regardless of it's form as long as it's personal, and that's great to me, but I also see the Trustees' concern over the participation numbers and trying to generate new ideas on how not only to attract people, but to keep them. The numbers suggest something needs to change than what has been the M.O. for the last 5+ years. Justin R.

I could not have said it better, Justin Dennis L

ditto Dlords

from me again:

Perhaps.. I should say that since I am also a fan club member of one group and the like I believe I would still be willing to pay for a gathering of so many types of fans...attending the same club or clubs is great and bespeaks loyalty and honor in many ways but, to me, each club or group member I join with has a similar perspective as I do..that is why I go! ConDuit, and other cons like Mountain Con, give me different perspectives, different ideas and has broadened my horizons..It is harder, in my mind to get this from the things I 'get for free' because we are all BOF in any of the groups to which I belong no matter how diverse the membership. There are so many GREAT clubs and groups out there and, as I said I wish reality let me do more and attend more of them but alas I am only one person with many hats to wear just like everyone who reads this. So I choose just like everyone else.

I am sure I could learn as much or more and grow in many ways by rubbing shoulders with these groups and people for free and if time permits I will, but then I will still bring that 'learning and growth gained' to ConDuit so others might choose to learn more and grow from what I have to share. (Including going to different clubs and groups and cons)

Heck at 56, I am looking forward to 9 years from now when I have even more time..after I retire..and for those of you who are younger.(and that is likely 80% or more of you who are reading this).be patient..and get in there and work.. and then you will be as happy with the results as I am.. Not with ConDuit as a perfect entity but with ConDuit as a growing, stumbling sometimes Awkward group of people working to common goal.. the Utah Fan. I am pleased to say that I have been around to help ConDuit stay around for as long as it has and only a very few similar UTAH groups can say the same thing..(Happy Birthday coming up USS KELLY!! 25 years!)

I do not contend Justin's points.. they are valid..but I add this perspective because ConDuit should (and has in the past) given a forum for a gathering of 'all the clans' and this alone is worth the 10, 20, 45 dollars I might pay. ConDuit has not always been that in every way but I have still gone because I have wanted to, as I said, 'rub shoulders' with others even though they do not have the same perspective, interest etc. as I (at any given moment) have and in the course of so doing I have volunteered and been part of the good, bad and ugly decisions that have been made and I accept my share of the responsibility for so doing either by action or inaction (letting it happen). Still, If one wants a broad horizon this should be the opportunity to gain it.. and that will not happen unless all the clans come, be they club, genre etc. and join in. I truly have missed people and groups when they are not there.
Next, If I get only 80% out of anything for my money and time (because if you add a $$$ value to the time I have volunteered we often put in a lot more than $45.00 or even $100.00) then it is my fault..I think I could have done better but the truth is I have only got 60 and 70 % some years by choice or by content but still I keep coming back because I like the people, I like the ideel and I have hope in the fans.. This year it appears to be working better than before thanks again to the Trustees and other Volunteers involved, so far and in the future, whether they have been there forever, come in new or are returning with hope filled optimism. We do have to do something about retention, that is a given, and part of that is for all of us to get excited again and get involved.

My only negative thought here is "Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it AND those who see the past for what it is and was and do nothing, loose their right to complain about or judge what others have done after they left (up to that point of the 'end of their involvement' they can dwell in the past and complain all they want).. the same is true in religion, politics and life..Conduit is a small part of the world but if you do not vote with your time and actions you do not have the right to complain my mind any more than not voting in an election is a way to change the leadership of the just leave it to others and suffer the results.

BUT Justin is right.. I would probably enjoy ConDuit in almost any form and would likely volunteer to help where I am needed or wanted, but I do have my preferences and I believe the Trustiees AND the other volunteers are working toward the changes I would like to see. Still I believe it cannot be done unless ALL the clans gather.. yea.. ConDuit is just one of a dozen major interests.. I am Princple Clarinet in the West Jordan Symphony, I have written a half dozen or ,more good short stories that I have sold to sites in Norway, I am active in community and other groups etc. In real life I work with a broad range of disabled and otherwise limited adults as an Social Worker/instructor, teacher and supervisor, so if ConDuit was taken from the Earth ten seconds from now I would survive and be very content with my life..
Now I have not given any suggestions as to how or even if and why ConDuit should change.. I am on a soap box because I believe in shouting out to all 'get in and work with us', 'continue to work with us, and when you have suggestions do them better than I am doing now.. keep it positive.. keep it moving and as I paraphrased earlier.."dig for reasons to applaud..and do not scratch for excuses/reasons to condemn." Keep doing what Justin did.. he made his points more positively than I, Dennis too is in it for the long hall and will be there even if he does not get his 80% or more.. he has the honor to be involved.. Debbie, speaks her mind and we do not always agree but she is a jewel in our collective crown and so are many many others whom, if I continue to try and list them I will fail.. I use these three because they commented on my last post...So Thanks for listening with your eyes..

MC the 'strangeuncleinthebasement' standing down.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Re-igniting the fire!

Too often we get so busy that things that have been fun and/or important to us fade and take a back seat to the realities of our present condition. Sometimes we simply outgrow or loose interest in these things and the passion with which we pursued them vanishes in the pursuit of new and more exciting things. The 'fire in our belly' ceases to burn and we walk away from those things that we once were passionate about with little or no regret. As part of this process we are often lead to say; "Oh, I still love doing that." or "When I get the time I will get back to it." and to a degree this is true but we all know that this "renewel' or 'getting back to' does not happen without a lot of effort and specific decisions during the process. Often this process takes a concerted step by step plan so we can work our old passions back into our 'new way of life'. Sometimes, along the way, we discover it 'just ain't worth going back' in which case we pack up the 'old' and put it away again.
I believe that both of these avenues are valid. There are some things that we must or should leave behind for any of a multitude of reasons. There are also things that should be brought back into our lives and revitalized. I also believe that this is an ongoing process and can change at a moments notice because of, again, the multitude of factors that demand or desire our time, talents and energies.
So why would I bring this up here on this blog for a fictional starship and a small social club? The reason is I am going through one of those times in my life and the Tsunami, ConDuit and Role Playing (PRGs) are all on the table. Because of what is happening in the most recent ConDuit and SF Con meetings I have attended I am getting re-excited about the convention. I am also asking myself if it is not time step back and let others who are younger and more full of ideas take the lead. I have been involved with ConDuit since the beginning and on the committee from the second one. I have ridden the ups and downs and seen people come and go and all that, but the bottom line is that I have enjoyed each and every one for its own merits. I have had the opportunity to work with and to meet some fantastic people and my life has been enriched because of ConDuit in all its incarnations, good, bad, and ugly (going by the various comments and reactions I have seen/heard.. though I personally see no 'bad' per se in any of them). Right now I am particularly enthused about what is happening in the various planning groups and it is my hope that this renews the 'fire in the belly' of all those who have left the con for what even reason. Also I hope that these changes/potential changes ignite a fire in people who have never come or have only come to a few ConDuits. I think the spark has been lit and I believe it can ignite a torch that will be a light for Utah (and surrounding area) fans for a long time to come. But it is an individual decision to seek out that spark and ignite your own fire.
I challenge each of our club members and any other members of Utah Fandom that recieve this, to get involved, come back to, and/or simply plan to attend ConDuit in 2012!! I make no promiseses but I truly see great potential and if it bears up like I think it will (given who all is involved) then fans will miss what I think is the most exiciting reasons to join (rejoin) ConDuit and build the best vehicle Utah Fans have ever had!
In the next few days I will, hopefully, address the other topics of RPGs and the Tsunami.. but this will not be so much for myself as it will be an effort to re-ignite the fires of the past in those with whom I have attended the club and gamed.